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About Us

PECTHERM Pvt. Ltd., is a leading Company for sustainable solutions in Healthcare, Energy and Environment. Founded in 1999. We have been working in the field of Onsite GAS generation plants, Compressed Air Stations, Boilers, Heaters, Water Treatment, Chemicals, Environment, and Solar etc. Since last 18 years and have sufficient quality work force for Sales and Services of these equipments. These strengths have given PECTHERM recognition in the market and we strive to deliver high-added value products and solutions in the medical and industrial sector.

PECTHERM Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with INMATEC Gas Technologie GmbH & Co,. KG, Germany, provides state of the art technology in Medical Oxygen and Nitrogen generation plants on-site.

Today, we have customers more than 650 and equipments installations over 1500.

Our organization has sound financial base and is capable of handling large complex projects. PECTHERM has executed many projects and product supplies in various types of industry verticals. We have a strong management team has executed a number of large projects and supplies in challenging time frames.