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  • BHULER Rice Processing Machines
  • Wheat Processing Machine
Rice Milling
Sorting Machines
RC Machines - Whitener (DSRF) - Destoner (MTSC) - Polisher (DRPK).

Wheat (Flour Milling)
Cleaning - Separator "Classifier" (MTRA) - Destoner (MTSC) - Grador - Horizontal Scourer (MHXF) - Water Dampener(MOZJ).
Milling - Roller Mill - Plansifter Purifier - Puromat (MQRF).

Rice Sorting Machines:

buhler machines

YJT W7 (Colour Sortex):
Key Features
High processing capacity with 7 chutes / 448 channels
LED Lighting Custom-built cameras
Flexible chute configuration
Product Modes
Long life powerful electors
Fixed Background
Buhler robust design quality

RC Machines:

buhler machines

UltraWhite™ Rice Whitening Machine DRWA – The new art of whitening.
Key Features
High capacity
Energy efficient operation
Top sanitation standard
Low maintenance
Innovative patented technology

buhler machines

Key Features
Dust-free rice.
Ideal flow and packaging.
High head rice yield.
Sanitised Processing.
Trouble-free operation.

Wheat - Cleaning

buhler machines

Separator Classifier MTRA Separator Classifier MTRA – proven separating and classifying machine.
Efficient grain cleaning
Minimal maintenance requirements
Flexible application possibilitie

buhler machines

Destoner (MTSC): for an efficient cleaning: Execution with one screen deck.
Destoner MTSC – efficient removal of stones from continuous material streams.
Excellent separating efficiency
Low energy consumption
Adapts optimally to customer need

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