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For especially large and continuous volume flows INMATEC is the premier address: In the field of the construction of special installations, our solutions cover demands for capacities of up to 10.000 Nm3/h.

Special Installations: If there is a demand for high performance

INMATEC nitrogen generators, configured as special installations, meet the highest demands, like those, which apply, for example to ships and oil rigs or in the pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing industry. All components and performance values are adapted in this case to the specific requirements on site.

If required, there is a possibility of a INMATEC technician to access the installation, around the clock, worldwide, in order to determine the causes for malfunctions or to consult the data regarding the operating state. By the way: Due to a consistently implemented “Plug & Play” philosophy, every installation is immediately usable!


IContainer solutions, Onshore and Offshore solutions, Redundant executions, EX protection, ATEX executions

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