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In special installations clinics and health facilities especially use our solutions to produce large quantities of oxygen. Filling quantities are capacities of up to 3000 bottles per day possible – at up to 200 bar.

Oxygen of high purity: Dependable. In high quantities.

Our generators meet all standards of European Pharmacopoeia for medical applications with an oxygen purity of 93% (according to ISO 100083:2008). Do you want to use your installation as a mobile oxygen supply unit? No problem: We deliver your system, on demand, mounted on a frame or in a mobile container!

If required, there is a possibility of a INMATEC technician to access the installation, around the clock, worldwide – in order to determine the causes for malfunctions or to consult the data regarding the operating state. By the way: Due to a consistently implemented “Plug & Play” philosophy, every installation is immediately usable!

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